Freitag, 29. Oktober 2010

Coffee is fattening?!

I adore every single of my several cups of coffee a day. What I don't like is watching my abdomen grow (especially after weddings, holidays and weekends at my parent's). Yesterday I read that coffee hinders the uptake of iron into the blood and therefore leeds to hunger attacks.

Reiner loves coffee..obviously
So I tried to get a little bit more information about if I really should stop drinking coffee if I wasn't really into looking like Reiner Calmund. And the results are promising. There are a few studies stating out that coffee has no effect on blood pressure, pulse rate or the level of blood sugar. Luckily science people could also stop with those myths that coffee boosts the cholesterol level, favors gastric ulcers and withdraws water from the body.

But there is a variety of advantages (sports+drinking coffee). It increases the fat burn and the metabolism. And the most important thing: It gets you a kick in the ass at times you're too tired for doing sports. And seriously: Doing sports more often should be better for the abdomen than some hunger attacks made in iron-no man's land:)

There are just the ones who say, you're missing some deep levels of sleep when drinking coffee late at night. And there is evidence that tired people eat more in the course of a day.
But who is drinking coffee at night? It's time for beer then!*haha

**Kaffee soll die Eiseneinlagerung behindern und somit zu Hungerattacken führen. Glücklicherweise wiegen die positiven Merkmale von Kaffeetrinken diese wieder auf**

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