Montag, 11. Juli 2011

Montezuma's Revenche - another cacatory post

Urgent matters

After being half of a year in Mexico I totally agree on certain statistics saying that not sunstrokes or insect bites are the most common travel illnesses, but diarrhea. A wonderful initial position for writing a new cacatory post;)
Imagine the 40-60% of tourists who are affected by said illness. Then imagine 150.000 German tourists in Mexico every year.  What shitty constellation that still gives fame to Montezuma, maybe the only Aztec ruler known outside Mexico.
What does he have to do with backdoor trots?
Montezuma ruled over Tenochtitlan, one of the most developed cultures in those times. They are the ones who say the world might end next year. He did his job quite bad – Tenochtitlan declined under his sovereignty. And he definitely wasn’t the most innocent here.
Montezuma was a very religious man. Religious means: he sacrificed a lot of his fellers. A LOT. He started wars just to achieve captives for more sacrifices.
So when the Spaniards arrived they had no problem in convincing the suppressed Mexicans to fight against their own king. Montezuma on the other side tried to beg the Spaniards to go with the help of gifts made of gold. That was as stupid as the fact that Montezuma didn’t even fight against the Spaniards when they eventually arrived in Tenochtitlan, thinking they must have been some kind of gods.
Too much mistakes in a row; he got killed and it is said that his course raised a new army under his reign; E. Coli troops.
**Moctezumas Rache: Der Origninaltext ist auf der Teff3-Homepage zu finden. Link**

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