Dienstag, 16. November 2010

Encore: Berlin

Let's put another Dj(ane) from Berlin [Anja Schneider] and watch some pictures:

After writing my last blog post I stumbled upon this intersting book: Smiling Berlin. Lasse Walter shows Berlin's mentality via pictures. The coolest ones I could find I like to share with you.

Brunching in Berlin takes hours and hours. Love to watch the crowd consisting mainly of the three PARs:
-party hoppers
-party poopers
Graffiti is part of the Berlin cultural self-concept. There is said to be a graffiti saying "Pups mal" (Just fart)                             
There is art in every corner of Berlin. Sometimes there is a stylish store, or a painted wall (of course, there is East Side Gallery where they painted on the Berlin wall what is now the biggest freestanding outside-painting in the world), or just a mushroomish kind of thing:)

Datei:Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F088801-0022, Berlin, East Side Gallery.jpg
...                        Never leave a place out where you could be creative;)                                                  ... Dancing outside in the streets is the greatest. Unfortunatelly Berlin no longer carries out the Loveparade (neither does another city after what happened this year in Duisburg). But there are a lot more festivals in Berlin where you can freak out: Karneval der Kulturen, carnival, festivals inside the different boroughs or the Christopher Street Day where about 600.000 gays and friends are going crazy half-naked.

**Noch ein paar Berlin Impressionen fürs Fernwehkonto hier**

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