Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2010

One Week as a Vegetarian (Part II)

No fish this week! But Tofu!;)
My vegetarian week goes on. This time with a personal low; and it's solution.

Day 3

After I went to the gym in the mornging I was hungry all day! I ate lots of bananas, made pasta, had some energy bars..Still I couldn't kill my appetite. After leaving my house with lots of everything in my tummy I was asked at a friend's house if I was hungry...Half an hour later. And I couldn't resist.

So I had some veggie-tacos and not being quite sure if I was hungry or not we went shopping. We went to IDEA what is IKEA but in Mexico. It really looks the same, just 5 times less variaty.

Anyway we had some Sushi afterwards. Without fish of course. The good thing is that Sushi in Mexico is not really similar to what Sushi is in Germany or, well Japan. You usually don't put wasabi and they don't consist that much of rice but are filled with cream cheese, avocado or mango. It's not unusual that the rolls are fried. And what should I say: The first time of the day I was full up!

Later that kept me thinking and I recognized that allthough I had lots of food that day I dind't have any proteins. That is why I could go on eating all that salad-something-crap and still wanted more.

So this was about to change.

Day 4

That day's resolution was to have more proteins. I started with cereals with milk. My roomie told me that I should eat soy meat for lunch. I was wondering what meat made of beans would look like. So I went to a natural food store.

Soy meat..a treat for the eyes
I think the lady in the shop couldn't really estimate my look when she showed me the soy meet - sort of disgust meets interest. It looks like in the foto on the side by the way. I was asking: "People really do eat that?" And my look became even weirder when she told me that they come with beef flavour or chicken flavour or anything similar. I was asking: "Why vegetarians eat meat substitutes that tast like meat?" She couldn't answer that;)

Soyfoods are low in saturated fat and contain no cholesterol. Soy is the only complete plant protein equal to animal protein and contains all eight essential amino acids. In addition, soyfoods are high in dietary fiber, iron, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D, and other essential nutrients. I'm feeling healthier just reading that;)

In the end she sold me a package of already prepared soy meat. I cooked my everyday dish: rice, tomato sauce but with soy meat topping this time. And it was good acutally. It tasted a little bit like fish and I put too much garlic. But not that bad. And I wasn't hungry for hours.

**Rückschlag am dritten Tag. Ich aß und aß und wurde nicht satt. Später nach einem ausgedehnten Sushi-ohne-Fisch Gang fiel mir auf, dass ich den ganzen Tag noch kein Protein gegessen hatte. Also versuchte ich es am nächsten Tag mit Fleischersatz aus Soyabohnen. Nicht schlecht wenn auch ein wenig fischig**

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