Montag, 25. Oktober 2010

Wedding in Indonesia - German Customs

The beautiful bridesmades and -mate
Great great Bali
So this is my new blog starting with one of my most breathtaking journeys I've ever made. Breathtaking because of the very beautiful island Bali/Indonesia but also because we never stopped dancing while my best friend Irmela's wedding. She as a German got married to her Indian groom Ravi and altogether we enjoyed the most common customs of both cultures. What a fun this has been!
So we came to the wedding and after a short while our let's say luxury problems began: "I know I just went swimming in the sea. But it's so hot. I think I might go to the pool now as well":) The fact that in Germany cars drive on the right site let to kind of interesting conversations as well: "Watch out! The cars go on the wrong site of the road! And on the other site of the road as well!...Uh"

Dancing Matcon-Glow
 In the very first night we all could experience the most visible connection between Germans and Indians: both like partying. A lot. The whole night. The coolest moments we shared together were dancing some funny German dances. To give you a clue what is meant by that I'll post the instruction to a song called "Fliegerlied". Britney, let's go:

Bride and broom
Yeah, Germans really do have strange things going on on a wedding. For example there is the porcelain-smashing-thing. So you bring broken porcelain, throw it on the ground (obviously the porcelain should break) and the happy couple has to clean it up. Eventually the bride and the groom become bride and broom *hahahah

Or what about this: Bride and groom compete against each other by cutting out a heart painted on a bed sheet. The one who cuts out his/her half of the heart last, looses and has to wear the partner right through the resulting hearty hole. Fortunatelly Ravi let Irmela win this time;)
**Die Hochzeit meiner Freundin Irmela mit ihrem indischen Freund Ravi gab uns die Möglichkeit, deutsche Bräuche zu vermitteln: Polternacht, Bacheloretteparty, Fliegerliedtanzen, Herz auschneiden***

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