Dienstag, 30. November 2010

What cacatory post!

I adopted a word! I'm a proud linguistic father!!! 

SaveTheWords.org is a really cool homepage where you can adopt a word and hereby help to keep it from extinction. So my word is cacatory - isn't it a cute name?

cacatory (adj): accompanied by loose bowels; exp: For the diners, the effects of the chicken cacciatore, alas, were cacatory.

flicker: g_u evaporato
Cute name, shitty meaning;) 

I scanned the www a little to get more information about my little baby and stumbled upon this web page here. Forthright, a.k.a. Steve Chrisomalis is listing some rare words, and cacatory is one of those. The idea behind the page appeared very interesting to me. He says he encountered Googlewhacking in 2002, where people put any two legitimate English words into the Google search engine to find as a result a single page containing both words. Now he took that idea to extremes and searched for extremely rare words which are found in some dictionaries and yet which are found on no web pages that are accessible through search engines.

He points out that the word cacatory goes back to the 17th century and is now in danger of extinction. So I scanned through the 1230 google results for cacatory. And let me say, it's not the fact that you won't find it, but the result is poor.

So there is Larissa Lyons blog - she describs herself as clown, tax analyst and a pig castrator, and is into writing erotic stories for women (interesting combination...). She also adopted cacatory and describes her experience the following way:

First off, let’s face it…those of us with very…um, elevated?…senses of humor still find enjoyment in simply saying the word shit. But now, we have a fancy word to say it with. And we’re no longer talking about plain simple poop, of course not. We’re talking about the smelly, gassy, runny cacatory type of doo doo.

Sweet, but I think I won't erase shit in my vocabulary for doo doo*g
Another example is that guy from some kind of advice-from-a-doctor hompepage. 

Dear Dr sb, My age is 30 years. I am unmarried. My problem is that some time I am suffered either in constipation or in cacatory (Pechesh/ need to go in toilet). Mostly I also have gas trouble. Pls suggest remedy.

Didn't work well, because:

2010-01-03  (!)
I am waiting for reply. Any one can help me.

... poor one.

But that's it. Didn't find a lot more cacatory content!
So how to spread the word? I don't want to post childish youtube videos or something...But how else get the attention for a noble thing like that. Ahhhh, cacatory, here you are!

**auf SaveTheWords.org kann man Wörter adoptieren, um sie vom Aussterben zu bewahren. Ich habe cacatory bekommen (etwas, das Durchfall hervorruft). Dieser Blogeintrag ist mein Beitrag zur Bewahrung des kulturellen Erbes!**

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