Mittwoch, 27. Oktober 2010

Replacing Paul - but with whom?

The saddest thing in Post-World Cup-Germany just have happened: Paul the octopus died. You know this was this stylish little feller who predicted 8 soccer games during the World Cup 2010 correctly - a probability of 0.39%.

Reading in tears all the news about Paul I recognized he was not the only animal predicting soccer games. There was hamster Hansi as well. And Mani, the parrot from Singapore. But in the end all of the others couldn't predict Germany getting beaten by the Spaniards. Neither could almost 80 million people in Germany...

So now here is my question: Who could replace Paul?

Thinking about it I've listed up the most important two points the follower should inherit:

1. I don't like octopuses. Seriously I don't. But Paul really made me liking those little bastards. Well as long they stay that dwarfish as Paul was. So The new oracle has some kind of responsibility. Stop people from thinking about their race to be ugly;) So my recommendation is to search for an inheritor who wasn't able to win a Heidi Klum look-alike-contest.

2. It should be an animal. That narrows our sample a lot. The point above made me think of a variety of Germans, mainly politicians;)

So now I'd like to introduce the two finalists:

There we got star-nosed mull (Sternmull) from Canada.

This animal the title of fastest-eating mammals, taking as short as 120 milliseconds (average: 227 milliseconds) to identify and consume individual food items. These moles also possess the ability to smell underwater, accomplished by exhaling air bubbles onto objects or scent trails and then inhaling the bubbles to carry scents back through the nose.

This is great: it smells underwater. So we can keep the Paul's old aquarium!

Mull's competitors: chironomids (Zuckmücken). You think those midgets aren't that funny than the star-nosed mega star? Well, in fact they produce nitrous oxide (laughing gas) from fertilizer in lakes where they are living in. So I could imagine some funny predicition ceremonies: Two aquaria each filled with food from traditional food where the soccer teams are from. So when Germany plays against Spain that would be Sausage vs. Paella. Now get a few people around the aquaria and wait on which side the people are laughing first. That would be fun just watching it;)

So, which animal is your favourite?

**Wer wird der Nachfolger von Paul? Ein hässliches Tier mit Orakelmacht, klar. Aber welches? Mein Vorschlag: Sternmull (kann in Millisekundenteil mit 12 Nasententakeln Essen ertasten, auch unter Wasser) oder Zuckmücken. Diese lassen aus Dünger Lachgas entstehen. Daraus lassen sich lustige Ziehungen entwickeln;)**

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  1. Definitly the star-nosed mull!
    But how about guinea pigs, the squeak and run about hectically, and besides, of course, they solve crimes for the FBI. I think, they can really use their intelligence department to predict soccer games. Piece of guinea cake :P