Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2010

Some kind of cultural "treasury" - Gamelan

This morning I got up, had a coffee (of course) and turned psyradio.fm. Thats an internet radio devoted to electronic music. Very good music indeed, but listening to this certain song this strange feeling from Bali came creeping back to me. First, let me explain it to you. So there is this very let's say interesting music going on in every corner of Bali.
Uno, dos, tres, cuatro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRS13e5R8GI

Nice, isn't it? So one day we went to the mall in Kuta. Personally I don't like malls that much - I  don't know why but I always loose my company. This time it took me about 2 hours finding the others. Of course in every corner you could hear this BINGBINGBINGBING. Next morning (and a great night of party behind us) in the lobby we hear BINGBINGBING. In the afternoon we had this nice ceremony. Guess what: BINGBINGBING.

So this morning I got up, had a coffee (of course) and turned psyradio.fm. And now compare the following song with the song above. What do you thing? Sounds nice for a German song, doesn't it?;)


  1. Ahhhh- this sounds really creepy... remembering especially the morning at melia Dua Nusa.... :-)

  2. You know the TV show "Lost" had this creepy bingbing music as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-RAdOyTmi8