Montag, 25. Oktober 2010

Wedding in Indonesia - Indian Customs

Go India!
The most beautiful bride and Burgitta from HK
First to say: India is not so much Bollywood then I thought. The party folk wasn't doing Indian linedance all the time*haha Although the Bollywood-alike-dances we shared were really fun. Furthermore the dresses were beautiful. And the food astonishing good (my most favourite: Dosa-->yummy).
When there are no gloves at hand...
 But the greatest thing was to take part in the different Indian ceremonies. Not only, that the Indian guys looked great in their otufits (well, we were suited Indian-style the first night as well*hehe). The rituals were great:

So there was this one ritual where in the end the groom got his clothes ripped of. That was crazy! Nevertheless the jeans wasn't the best choice Ravi!;) There was the other one, where the mother fed his little boy the last time. And there was the one where I played a little part in.

Me with my new sister
 Imagine a great Oktoberfest-pool-partynight. Of course we stayed as long as possible at/in the pool (unfortunatelly my camera did so as well...). So I really enjoyed sitting next to the ceremony the next morning. Suddenly I heard people shouting my name. What a shock! So the thing is there was a male family member of the bride needed. Because the bride's father wasn't really into washing the groom's feet with milk, I had to do my part as "spiritual brother". So I blessed the happy couple with flowers, smoke from fire and by touching their heads. Feels great to have a new Sis;)

**Halten wir mal fest zum Thema Indien: leckeres Essen, lustige Leute mit Hang zum Feiern und sehr farbenfrohen Ritualen. Mein persönlicher Höhepunkt war das Teilnehmen an der indischen Hochzeit als "spiritueller Bruder", da ein männlicher Verwandter der Braut gebraucht wurde, nachdem der Vater nicht wirklich Lust hatte, dem Bräutigam die Füße mit Milch zu waschen**

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