Montag, 15. November 2010

A virtual Berlin party night

Berlin is a great place to be. I've lived there half a year while writing my final paper for my studies. Kind of a crazy time being the student by day and.. well the student at night as well*haha
Today I'd like to post the most special things Berlin had to offer while I was there. Let's start a virtual party night!

00.00 Getting in the tram (S-Bahn)

Berlin's tram is not very cheap but in exchange it's punctual (of course;) and an experience as well. I love to watch the people who are in the same waggon with me. Berlin consists of different boroughs and every single of them has it's own style. So there are the polo-shirt-wearers from Ku'damm, the village people from Schöneberg and the people from Prenzlauer Berg who, let's say, don't care that much;)

If you're lucky you'll get into an illegal party going on in one of the waggons of the S-Bahn circle line. But keep your eyes open for the police so that you don't have to pay the surcharge!

But personally to me the best thing is the sound you hear when the tram is leaving. Watch Paul Kalkbrenner recording that certain sound, the most popular electronic DJ from Berlin:

2:00 Getting the party started

Partys in Berlin start late and go on. And go on...The excess supply of good and interesting partys is both blessing and curse. Underground partys are what Berlin is famous for. But with the fame there come the masses. That is why the Watergate which was set  on the 8th place in the list of the best clubs of the world (DJmag) two years ago is now overcrowded and not worth anymore the trouble of standing in line for an hour or so.
The good thing is that the event people are very inventive here. There was this one party when I had to go to the bathroom and got into a room where there really was a toilet, but a dj booth right next to it and dancing people around it. There was this other party where you could get your face painted at the entrance. Or those illegal partys in the woods of Karlshorst.

.. and there are the best electronic DJs in the world. Seriously, there is no other place on earth with such a variety of perfect electronic party nights. Just give Geschwister Schuman a try to convince you:

By the way, of course the clubs around Warschauer Straße and Ostbahnhof (Berghain) are the coolest. But I was said that there is a new underground scene coming up at Ostkreuz (K-pax that you can see in the youtube stream, or about blank f.e.).

7:00 Getting a bite

Berlin is famous for Currywurst (sausage and curry dip) and Döner (doner kebab). There is no better way to leave a party. The invention of currywurst is attributed to Herta Heuwer in Berlin in 1949 after she obtained ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and curry powder from British soldiers. It's important to know that there is currywurst with sausage casing and without. Last one they eat mostly in Eastern Berlin. And because of the party is going on over there you'll probably get to know currywurst without casing;) The oldest currywurst you get at Konnopkes in Prenzlauer Berg. They introduced the currywurst to Eastern Berlin in 1960. Yeah, this is my style of sightseeing.
Döner is made of meat, salad and three sauces that vary in Germany, but in Berlin you get garlic, herb and a spicy sauce. Yummy

15:00 Getting entertained

In summertime you could chill in one of Berlin's parks or artificial beaches at the Spree. In wintertime you'll probably go to one of the after-hour-clubs. Anyway in the afternoon there is some cool stuff going on in the Mauerpark. Someone is singing over there and about 2000 people are watching him! A star? No, just an ordinary guy doing karaoke. Definitely worth seeing it!

18:00 Getting some sleep, cuz we'll start again:

00:00 Getting in the tram (...)

**Partytouren in Berlin starten wohl gegen Mitternacht in der S-Bahn. Der Osten der Stadt hat einiges zu bieten mit dem Ostkreuz als derzeitiger Geheimtipp. Eine Currywurst oder Döner nach der Party gehört genauso dazu wie das Karaokesingen im Mauerpark**

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