Samstag, 4. Dezember 2010


There was this one party night when I was told the following in a conversation with an abrupt ending: "I don't like drunken people" (poor one..being at a party at 4 a.m.). "Also I don't like the smell of cigarettes" (that I understand). "As well I don't like it when people drink coffee for I don't like the smell of it" (and I was gone).

After that I had a chat with the friend who was with me at the party and we defined 5 types of Anti-people you never would like to have around. Those people are not just against a certain behaviour, but they ALWAYS want to talk you out of doing something. It's more than having principles, those guys just suck for not having the capability to accept other people's gustoes and destroy a gathering with comments noone wants to hear.

1. "I don't like the smell of coffe"
Coffee is great. Shut up and drink your milk.

2. "I hate it when people need alcohol for partying"
Of course alcohol is not healthy. Seriously, although science guys couldn't find out whether one glass of red wine is healthy or not. We all know it's never enough with one glass of wine. But do we learn from the headache the next day? No.
But isn't it obvious that those people who are strictly against other people drinking alcohol are always standing in the corner complaining first that the others drink alcohol and later complaining about the others having fun?

3. "I don't like pop. Or rock. Or electro. In fact, I don't like music"
Those guys are against party in whatever possible appearrance. Not that they are against the clubs you are suggesting (what could happen if you're in Hamburg or something...). They also are against having a drink at home, BBQ-picnics, snowball fights etc. So the best thing that could happen to them is you sending them home while you enjoy your life, isn't it?

4. "Why do you kill animals?"
It's totally ok to be a vegetarian. Or fruitarier. Or I-just-eat-apples-ian. Anyone who already has seen what happens in a slaughterhouse understands that. But what is it with those guys whose only small talk topic is how they nourish themselves? One day we brought potato salad to a party, because a friend who gave the party asked us to bring something to eat for her anti-meat roomie and his anti-meat friends (often there is more than one of them). So we brought potatoe salad. I was stirring it with a knife when said roomie told me: This knife already cut meat. I won't eat this salad. ...

5. "It don't have fun and I don't know why"
The worst ones. Because there is always a reason why they dislike what's going on - the other people, the weather or their own stupidity.

**Es gibt einige Arten Mensch, die man nicht um sich haben möchte. Hierbei gehts nicht um Verneiner oder Prinzpienreiter, sondern um Leute, die absichtlich ein Happening zerstören möchten, weil ihnen etwas nicht passt. Und die Themen sind of die gleichen: Sie sind gegen das Trinken von Kaffee oder Alkohol, Musik, Fleisch essen oder sowieso gegen alles.**

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