Dienstag, 28. Dezember 2010

One Week as a Vegetarian (Part III)

...not this week;)

Christmas Eve without meat. Let's see how that worked..

Days 5+6

After getting it right with the protein it was a lot easier to be veggie. You can really get stuffed by a salad as long as you don't forget the protein shake. Now I could try out some fancy new things: double cheese sandwich with cherry jam topping, spaghetti with salsa made of beans, orange-watermelon-banana juice, vegetarian pozole which is corn stew with mushrooms and squash blossoms instead of meat.

Another great thing is to recognize that eventually I don't really have to order something whenever I'm passing a Taco stand. This really feels like getting back my own self-determination.

Day 7

It's Christmas eve and my last hours of being a vegetarian. I was invited to celebrate that day at a friend's house - fortunatelly he is vegetarian and was responsible for preparing the food. So there was salad, lasagna and a fruit salad made of apples and nuts. Also vegetarian and very delicious: The Glühwein I prepared. It's kind of a German tradition to get drunk on every possible festive day. During christmas it's Glühwein that is helping a lot here. Red wine, rum, a few spices and sugar, altogether heated up to 90 degrees. So warm alcohole with lots of sugar...mhh yummy; that keeps you warm all night and in bed the next day;)

Speaking of the next day; yeah I had some fried eggs again. But when it came to choose between tripple cheese sandwich and cutlet sandwich I took the first one. Well, in that case it wasn't about the calories I guess. But seriously that week showed me that it's possible to live without meat. Not that I'm a vegeatrian now, but up to Men's health eating meat 1 time a week is far enough. There were some nice side effects that week as well:

- no feeling of having eaten far too much
- no sign of montezuma's revenge
- opened up my mind to a totally new life style
- got to know the taste of soy meat (well, at least it was an experience)

**Die vegetarische Woche ist vorüber. Und ich bin nicht mal über das erste bisschen Fleisch hergefallen. Vollblut-Vegetarier werd ich wohl trotzdem nicht...btw..geht das überhaupt?;)**

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