Freitag, 5. November 2010

Invasive Pokémons

Half of German men can't think of a life without alcohol. Obviously it's hard for Germans not to drink alcohol in a country where there is such a broad acceptance. There are even several ways and words for having alcohol in the morning:
- Frühschoppen (drinking wine in the morning)
- Weißwurstfrühstück (wheat bear and veal sausage for breakfast)
- Sektfrühstück (breakfast with sparkling wine)
- Katerfrühstück (the hangover breakfast, lots of times combined with beer to kill the headache).

What sounds funny is dangerous in fact: The "matrix of harm" (university of Bristol) shows alcohol in the fifht place, following heroine, cocaine, hypnotics and methadone. By the way; 9th place: nicotine, 14th place: lsd, 18th (!) place: ecstasy.

Nevertheless another drug gets into our pop-culture: The cane toad. Yeah, thats the one from Simpsons:

The cane toad even got a facebook homepage. Unfortunatelly just one person likes it - not to compare with paul the octopus (1800 likes) or black beauty (30.000 likes...anybody explain me that, pls). Why is that? Well, the cane toad seems to gain popularity not because the people love its drug-producing super power, but because it is said to be the best (or worst) examples of an invasive species.

A sad/stupid story about human failure:

An introduction to Jamaica was made in 1844 in an attempt to reduce the rat population. The toad really lives on rats, but doesn't eat the big ones. So the invasion of the toad had no big influence on the rat population.

Later on the cane toad was introduced to Puerto Rico to eradicate pests from sugarcane. It seemed really to be a success and quickly they were introduced to Hawaii, Australia and a bunch of other countries. Unfortunatelly later they found out that not the cane toad but a spell of bad weather was responsable for the decrease of the pest.

Nowadays the density of the cane toad is significantly lower within its native distribution than in places where it has been introduced. The toad even takes huge steps evolutionary steps: They evolve longer legs for spreading even more quickly. Little pokémons;)

Speaking of Pokémon...
The cane toad's drug is said to be even more intense when the toad is frightened. The people from Drawn together will demonstrate this to us:

**Die Aga-Kröte sondert Sekrete ab, die einen Rausch auslösen. Sie gehört auch zu den invasiven Arten, aufgrund der Fehlannahme, sie beseitigen Ratten und Zuckerrohrplagen. Blöd gelaufen**

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