Donnerstag, 4. November 2010

Pontius Pilates

There are quite interesting trends going on in Germany. The new "religion Pontius Pilates" leads people to turn their back on the pope and pray for a better body fat percentage. Means more and more people leaving the church while gyms are requiering new customers every day.

Religion in Germany is split in three - 1/3 Catholics, 1/3 Protestants, and 23,4 mio people with no religious denomination make another 1/3. In the eastern parts of Germany even 70% don't have a denomination. An all-over trend in Germany: Don't get up when the bells are ringing on a beautiful Sunday morning.

That doesn't mean that Germans are atheists, or pagans. There is almost no activism against the church or rise of other religions, except for the Muslim religion because of our friends of the growing turkish community.

When I wrote an article for the Mexican-German newsplatform Treff3 I tried to get to the bottom of this phenomenon (See article: I asked a few 50+ what happened to their faith. Mostly the answer was that religion simply was no longer part of their daily life in former Eastern Germany. For example seculare facilities replaced religious institutions. Of course, there was some governmental passive aggression but in fact believing in God never was a forbidden act. In the end people stopped on their own believing in God - the same what happens in Western Germany today.

The castle where my brother got married
 Recently I was asked: "But where are you Germans get married then?". The answer is: In lifeguard towers!;)
A few years ago people got married in a small not very chic room in the public authority. It was so small that members of the family had to wait outside and of course there was no rice throwing in the corridors in there. But in the last years people discovered great places to get married. Obviously there are a lot of castles in Germany. The fun fact is that you can get married in a lot of them. But also churches start to wed people with no denomination. And in Binz where I come from you can get married in a lifeguard tower. So how fun is that?
Getting married in a lifeguard tower -
isn't there a children's dream
coming true?
**Zu einem Drittel haben die Deutschen keinen Glauben. Ein steigender Trend. Aber wo heiraten die Ungläubigen? Na in Rettungstürmen natürlich;)**

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